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Virginmirth offers novel approaches to stimulate PERFORMANCE & Creativity


Uri Geller’s Motto: Focus, Focus Focus

The Virginmirth Story

Virginmirth Comedy has progressed from a Comedy Workshop Provider to applying the structures and principles of comedy & performance to a diverse range of training offerings, including a unique approach to getting comfortable with speaking in public for absolute beginners - yes, even you!

This website offers our personal profiles, a variety of comedy workshop video clips, - and an exclusive account of a first comedy performance - the much feared “First Gig”

Our New Offer To You

We’re pouring all our experience of running comedy workshops and performing stand-up into a new series of speaking workshops

They are for people

(Don’t worry - these are not comedy workshops - although you may well be surprised at the natural humour you generate during the fun games we’ll guide you through!)


Marek & Alice on BBC1’s Inside Out

Demonstrating the Virginmirth Workshop


*NEW* Speaking Workshops

Building confidence for everyone

No matter what age or ability

No experience needed at all